Strength & Balance

Strength & Balance

As we get older our muscle strength and balance reduces, and this increases our risk of having a life-changing fall. The good news is that we can reduce this risk, and the earlier we start, the better.
Being active and doing simple exercises designed to improve strength and balance can make a real difference. Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing, and we can all take steps to help us stay strong and steady and keep our independence.

A selection of our Strength & Balance activities

Exercise Class

Get Moving

Bursts of exercise for 40 seconds with 20 seconds rest in between! Need to be comfortable standing for 30mins without using a chair for support. Drop-in. £3. First class free, quote AGEING WELL
Exercise Class

Gentle Yoga

Move, breathe and relax with mindful movement and breath awareness including moving down to and up from the floor. Drop-in. £6. First class free, quote AGEING WELL
Exercise Class

Seated & Standing Pilates – Online

Pilates class for those who would prefer to exercise sitting down and those who are happy to stand. Exercises are layered to suit everyone’s needs. Online - contact John to get access. Free.

What can we do?

Stay Active: The recommendation is to do 150 minutes per week of activity that raises your heart rate a little, but this can be done in short ten minute bursts if you prefer.

Build Our Strength and Balance: The recommendation is to do strength and balance activity (at least 10-20 minutes) on 2 or more days of the week.

Active For Life Programme

Keeping active in older age can be really beneficial to health and wellbeing; people aged 50+ who want to find activities which include some strength and balance exercises may benefit from the Healthy Lifestyles Team’s adult participation programme. Sessions are accessible and welcome people of all abilities.

And for details of fun, friendly, accessible sessions at your local leisure centre, visit:

Falls Prevention

For tips on how to reduce your chances of falling, where to get help and information, and support if you’ve already had a fall, click here:

Tips for Falls Prevention

You’ll find 6 simple exercises to do at home and lots of useful information and tips to help you reduce your risk of falls this this useful leaflet produced by Saga, in association with the Chartered Association of Physiotherapy and Public Health England.
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